About Colleens Cafe' Bags

Colleen started her sewing journey in 2011 by designing organic wheat heat packs.  Selling the heat packs at the local markets in Cairns was hugely successful but realised that she needed other products to compliment the OWHP range that she had released.

Colleen Café Bags was established in early 2012. Colleen’s Café Bags found by using recycled hessian coffee sack bags from the Tablelands areas that she had  found a range of products that was appealing to both the local and tourists to the region.  Due to demand from existing customers, Colleens Café Bags decided to compliment the range Coffee Sack Bags and Organic Wheat Heat Packs with an exciting range of practical functional Messenger Bags and accessories. Since then Colleen's Cafe Bags has been sourcing Quality Duck materials from the local area and reluctantly overseas to make the range of bags unique and limited in production to ensure each bag is unique.

Every Colleen’s Café Messenger Bag has an internal pocket, with a magnetic clip and adjustable strap. All of our Colleen’s Café Coffee Sack and other shopping bags in our range are all fully lined. Our prices are reasonable and starting at an affordable $20 with some of the bags costing up to $50 depending on style and material.  As you can see everyone can afford to step out in style with a Colleens Café Bag!

Colleens Café Bags are available at the Cairns Tanks Markets that operate monthly from April to November and at other events during the year.

We know cater for the person who wants to make their own bags be selling accessories to make your task a lot easier.  We have done the hard yards in finding suppliers within the global market, and willing to sell to you in single units when and if required completing or complimenting your special project.

Throughout 2015 we are going to release our range of purses to complement our extensive range of café and shopping bags.  We also welcome special orders and bags to compliment your business. 

Remember – All our product range of Bags, Sacks, Purses and Heat Bags are all lovingly and hand made here in Cairns the best place in the world to live.

(c)2015 Colleen's Cafe Bags